Chopped Date Paste

Packaging : 5 kg | 10 kg


Chopped Date Paste or CDP in one the most appealing AHT’s products.
After processing, dated will be coated with Rice flour and this mixture of date and rice flour create an appetizing and a very palatable taste.
If you like Date products and are looking for a something new , the combination of date and rice flour can be delightful and inviting. So try it.
You will love the Taste. Chopped Date Paste has a very soft delicate texture accompanied by natural sweetness. It is also a suitable substitute for artificial sweetener which is in many cases unhealthy.
If date is too sweet and you are looking for a new product with less sugar, why not give AHT's Chopped Dates rolled in Rice Flour a try.
  • Cures Anemia:
    • Anemia is characterized by unusually low quantity of red blood cells in the human body and is caused by the deficiency of iron. Dates contain an impressive level of iron which makes them the perfect home remedy for treating iron deficiency.
  • Treatment of Diarrhea:
    • Dates are effective in treating diarrhea as they contain potassium which helps in managing looseness of the intestine.
  • Bone Health:
    • Dates are useful in strengthening bones and curing painful diseases like osteoporosis. Minerals such as selenium, manganese, copper and magnesium found in dates greatly contribute to healthy bone development and strength.
  • Maintains Healthy Nervous System:
    • Dates are a good source of vitamins which enhance the health and functionality of the human nervous system. The abundant potassium content of dates also works to increase the speed and alertness of the brain
  • Treatment of Allergies:
    • Dates contain organic sulfur, which is rarely found in other foods. Organic sulfur has several health benefits, which include reduction of allergic reactions and seasonal allergies.
  • Dental Health:
    • Dates contain fluorine, an important chemical element that inhibits tooth decay by removing plaque as well as strengthening the tooth enamel.
  • Good for heart:
    • Dates are a rich source of potassium which has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke and other heart diseases. They prevent heart disease, heart attack and stroke by reducing the levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the body
  • Maintenance of Healthy Skin:
    • Dates are loaded with vitamin C and flavonoids, which can improve the elasticity of the skin and enrich the subcutaneous tissues, thus making skin tender and smooth.
  • Anti-ageing Benefits:
    • Dates are a rich source of antioxidants, which can effectively counter the harmful free radicals in the body, thus preventing premature ageing of skin. Vitamin C, in particular, helps to decrease the occurrence of wrinkles by resisting oxidation and preventing the accumulation of melanin inside the human body.
  • Healthy Hair:
    • Dates are abundant in vitamins, particularly vitamin B5, which is vital for the maintenance of healthy hair. Deficiency of this vitamin can cause hair problems like hair loss, brittle hair and split ends. Consumption of dates can help minimize these problems.