Angineh Parsadanians, MSc 1

Food microbiologist, Speaker & Compiler

1Department of Quality Assurance of AHT-Sahra Ruby Co


  • Active Supply Chain Surveillance

    • We are keenly aware that the outbreak will likely impact the product supply chain, from farm to fork. We have been in contact with our raw material suppliers and transporting companies to assess and monitor for indications and early warning signs of potential manufacturing discontinuances or interruptions due to the outbreak. Hence, the raw materials used in our manufacturing site doesn’t come from China and other locations in Southeast Asia.
  • Inspections and Monitoring of Products Manufactured in AHT

    • Protecting the safety and security of the product supply chain is one of the AHT’s highest priorities. Our inspections are used as part of our commitment to the supply chain. Therefore, we have taken several actions such as inspecting and analyzing the raw materials directly from farm. Each farm has been observed directly for the personnel medical situation regarding the novel corona virus existence. All personals hygienic and medical condition are monitored from farm to the manufacturing site. We will revisit this approach and adjust as necessary as this outbreak continues to unfold.
  • Implementing of Risk Assessment

    • We implement a risk-based model to identify firms for inspection. The AHT’s prioritizes for inspection facilities deemed as higher-risk based on specific, defined criteria. As part of our risk-based model, we also consider patient exposure, as the more products a facility manufactures, the more likely a patient is to encounter products made at the facility. We also weigh factors in inspection history, a facility that has not met established quality standards when previously inspected is considered higher risk than those that have met standards in the past. In addition, we will consider signals and events of concern, such as product recalls or manufacturer or patient reports of quality problems associated with a facility, which increase the risk score when compared with facilities that have fewer or no such signals or events. Also, we have tighten supplier GMP audit and the TACCP-VACCP plan based on new risk assessment platform.
  • The Safety of Consumer Products

    • All products produced for entry into the abroad are subject to the local and international regulatory requirements and Border Protection. Again, we want to reassure our customers that at this time there is no evidence that food or food packaging have been associated with transmission and no reason to be concerned. Further, there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods based on U.S. Food and Drug Administration Surveillance.
    • But in order to observe all aspects, products before shipping are subject to approved laboratories investigation of COVID-19. All products laboratory analysis reports show no presence of COVID-19.
  • Efforts to Diagnose and Prevent the Disease

    • A key focus area for the AHT is expediting the availability of medical products needed to diagnose, and prevent this disease. We’re committed to produce safe and sound products. Hence, effective medical equipment such as masks, protective clothing, relative disinfectant and etc. are present to protect public health. Also, regulatory advices, guidance, and personnel training are provided by authorized doctors to be familiar with ways to wear a mask and other protective clothing correctly.
  • Conclusion

    • In the conclusion, public health remains the priority. Our Company continue to maintain close communication with supply chain and logistics partners to understand the specific situation within their businesses. All areas in from producing lands to shipping containers have been investigated. All stuff and personals who have direct or indirect contact with AHT’s supplies products are completely aware and well trained regarding the transmission routs of COVID-19. The protective clothing and disinfectants are available.

All in all, the personals and products hygienic conditions are under control in whole supply chain.

If you have any questions or concerns about the matter above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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