For the 2019-2020 dissemination plan, the INC launched the campaign, Nutfruit Power, to promote and position nuts and dried fruits as a powerful ingredient to add to breakfast. By eating nuts and dried fruits in the morning, they can give consumers a powerful boost to face any challenges that come throughout the day. At the end of the campaign, this message had reached millions of consumers via the main video, online promotion through ads, and social media.

Choose Your Challenge and Go Nuts!

At the center of the dissemination plan was a video showcasing how including nuts and dried fruits in your breakfast can give you the power to face challenges during the day. This video, by the end of the campaign, gained over 1 million views via YouTube.

Nutfruit Power Social Media and Influencers

Besides the main video, the INC capitalized on social media as a way to expand the reach of the project. The hashtag #NutfruitPowerChallenge quickly gained momentum and in total, INC posts using this hashtag received over 233,000 interactions across Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, the INC saw the use of influencers as an even greater way to connect with the social media community. In total, 17 established influencers from 12 different countries around the world joined the challenge. Their posts saw over 1 million interactions and with over 6 million total followers on social media, the message continued to spread!

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

As the impact of the influencers grew, the social media community got behind the challenge. Individual people joined the campaign and began sharing healthy breakfast recipes using the hashtag, #NutfruitPowerChallenge. Although the campaign wrapped up in March, posts using the hashtag continue to be published, indicating a strong impression on the community. Furthermore, aligning with the “morning energy” message from the dissemination plan, the INC used the Communication and Marketing recipe campaign to share even more healthy breakfast recipes. These showed people just how easy it is to incorporate nuts and dried fruit into their morning routine.

Looking Forward to 2020/2021 & “Real Power for Real People”

In conclusion, the 2019/2020 dissemination campaign was a success, reaching millions of consumers and showing just how easy and impactful it can be to add nuts and dried fruits into your daily routine! For the 2020/2021 campaign, the INC will focus on how nuts and dried fruits can help boost your attitudinal immunity. In the unprecedented times that we live in, with a global pandemic and constant bad news in the media, nuts and dried fruits can give consumers the power to be immune to this negativity and face each day. The campaign’s slogan, “Real Power for Real People” establishes the connection that as real people who have to consistently face negativity, it is time to use real power, from nuts and dried fruits, to boost our attitudinal immunity!