Borages Infusion

Echium vulgare which is known as Borage annual herb and blueweed is a species of flowering plant in the borage family Boraginaceae. Significantly, E. vulgare is also a traditional medicinal herb that is used to treat kidney and respiratory diseases, to soothe irritated tissues, and to aid in wound healing.

It is one of the important medicinal plants in Iranian traditional medicine. The petals of plant have long been used as a tonic, tranquillizer, and diaphoretic and as a remedy for cough, sore throat and pneumonia.

  • Adrenal Health
    • Borage Leaf is an excellent adrenal tonic that works on the adrenal cortex to revive and renew the adrenal glands. Borage Leaf tea or tincture can be used over a period of time to nourish and support the adrenals. It has a soothing and toning effect on the central nervous system and is especially useful in cases of nervous exhaustion.
    • Borage also contains silicon, which can have a powerful rebuilding effect on the nervous system. Borage benefits in the transmission of the nerve impulses and also prevents nerve damage.
  • Detoxification
    • Borage leaves are naturally diuretic, increasing the frequency and output of urine and helping to cleanse the system of excess fluids and stimulating the kidneys. This causes the body to flush out uric acid and excess crystals that can cause many problems including gout, arthritis and kidney stones.
    • They are also rich in phenolic compounds that act as antioxidants, helping to mitigate the free radical damage that can lead to illness and premature aging.
  • Stomach Health
    • Borage has antibacterial effects against Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that can cause stomach ulcers and other unpleasant gastro-intestinal disorders.