Mixed Fruit Tea

Mixed Tea is an easy way to feel healthy and rehydrate with an exquisite drink. They are all sugar free with no additives. Our Tea Masters squeeze big authentic flavors into this blend, using only 100% natural ingredients. This tea is an upgrade to your regular morning brew, the natural flavors make it an ideal partner to a strong breakfast marmalade or lunchtime rarebit.

  • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin C in this mixed tea helps in building a strong immune system and promotes better skin health and delays the ageing process and it has the immune supporting properties. One of the primary lemongrass Mixed tea health benefits is that it is full of antioxidants. It saves the human body from free radicals that are caused due to pollution and exposure to carcinogens. Also it contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which nourishes the skin and makes the hair strong and healthy.
  • Reduce Insomnia
    • This product helps reduce insomnia problems. A cup of tea before bedtime helps a comfortable sleep.